FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


+ Can I copy the DVDs that Videoscape supplies?
+ Why shouldn't I just buy a cheap USB video-to-dvd device and do it myself?
+ Can you copy my mother's singing from cassette to CD?
+ Can you put my picture on DVD labels?
+ Copyright - What are the responsibilities?


+ Surely my videos will last forever?
+ Can you copy my video of Gone With the Wind that I bought onto DVD?
+ Can you copy my video of Gone With the Wind that I recorded off TV onto DVD?
+ Some of my videos are dark (or bright) - can you fix that?
+ Can you fix broken videotapes?
+ How much video can you get on a DVD?
+ Can you put my picture on the DVD label?

Digital Transfers

+ My camera wont work with my MAC - can you help?
+ I have a High Definition camera - is that a problem?
+ I can't get the video from my hard-disk camera onto DVD - can you help?
+ Do I need to backup the images/video on my camera?

Photos and Slides

+ Are my photographs and slides really at risk?
+ I have thousands of slides - can you help CHEAPLY?
+ Can you transfer slides to DVD?
+ Can you create slideshows from photographs or slides?
+ Can you take people out of photographs?
+ Can you mix photographs together?
+ Is the humble photo album dead?

Memory Care

+ How do I care for my CDs and DVDs?
+ How do I care for my videotapes?
+ How do I care for my photographs?

Lost Memories

+ My camera ate my pictures - can you help?
+ I deleted an important picture (or video) - can you get it back?
+ I formatted my camera card - is it all gone forever?
+ My hard-disk camera lost my pictures - is it the end?
+ Why don't you look at my recovered images or videos?
+ Why are some of my restored pictures only half pictures?
+ Why are there many copies of the same recovered videos?

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