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Whatever type of videotape you use, there are some unpleasant facts of life that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, all videotape oxidises, which can not only clog your video heads but also results in significant degrading of the video image - the picture might appear snowy, or jitter might set in - or the image may not display at all.

Secondly, there is a great risk of damage to the tape itself, such as creasing, stretching, jamming, or breaking. Even uneven rewinding of tape (or failure to rewind at all!) can adversely affect the playability of videotape.

Then, damage to the actual recording can occur due to moisture, dust, static or magnetic fields. Just vacuuming in the same room as you store your tapes can partially erase them - depending on your particular cleaner and the proximity of the tapes.


  Video Collection 

If your precious memories are still on videotape then you need to move them now - before it’s too late.

We have professional level SVHS decks which will transfer your VHS or SVHS tape to dvd with the best available quality. We can also perform tape cleaning which can help to remove dust, oxidization and other impurities on the tape surface.

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