Life Celebration Packages

Are you planning to leave it too late?

In many cases, the first time people think of a Life Celebration is at a funeral!

There is usually a slideshow of photographs, often with some music, which gives an indication of the person whose life is being celebrated.


Sadly, despite the best efforts of the funeral directors involved, this is all too often just a collection of photographs with inappropriate zooms and fades that does not do the life being celebrated any justice.

Don't they deserve better?

Don't you deserve better?

And besides, why wait until someone has gone before celebrating their life?  Isn't the best time now - when we can show our love and appreciation for them?

Our slideshows are individually assembled with loving care.  They are not just a collection of photos - they are a story and a celebration, of love, of life.

We are probably the only people offering this service who have been trained by the Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS) in storytelling and drama.


Each package┬░ consists of a specially packaged DVD and hard-cover book.

Our Life Celebration packages are are perfect for tomorrow's good-byes - but just as beautiful to share today! 

┬░ Notes 

  • We actually supply two DVDs - a DVD-R and a DVD+R version to ensure full compatibility when you need it
  • Extra DVDs and books are available to order for family and friends
  • Turnaround time for the DVDs can be as low as two days but the books have a longer lead time with a minimum of three weeks



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