Our prices are competitive and reflect the care and quality of our services.

Life Celebration Packages - from $150

 Service  Description  Price  Per
 Basic Package

 Up to 40 photographs, hard-cover
 book, two copies of DVD slide-show

 $CALL  each
 Extra DVDs  Additional copies of DVD slide-shows  $10  DVD
 Extra books  Additional copies of books  $CALL  BOOK
 Own Music  Use of own music - license cost  $50  each
 Extra photos  Additional photos  $1  each
 Scanning  Scanning of photos or slides  $1  each

Video Transfers*

 Service  Description  Price  Per


 $20  hour
 BETA  Transfer Beta*  $20  hour
 8-Series  Transfer Video8, Hi8, Digital8*  $20  hour
 DV  Transfer of Digital Video tape*  $20  hour
 Enhancement  Contrast, Brightness, Colour  n/c   n/c
 DVD pressing  DVD burn and package  $10  DVD

* Note non-standard formats may incurr surcharge, price includes DVD pressing


Digital Transfers

 Service  Description  Price  Per
 Camera Card  Transfer  $20  hour
 Hard Disk  Transfer  $20  hour
 Backup  Straight copy to DVD  $20  DVD
 DVD pressing  DVD burn and package  $10  DVD

Movie Film Transfers

 Service  Description  Price  Per
 HiQ 8/16  High Quality transfer
 $225  400
 HiQ additional  Additional lengths over 400ft  $25  50
 DVD pressing  DVD burn and package  $10  DVD

Photographs and Slides*

 Service  Description  Price  Per
 Slides  Scanned to JPEG, basic bright/contrast enh  $1  each
 Photographs  Scanned to JPEG, basic bright/contrast enh  $1  each
 Negatives  Scanned to JPEG, basic bright/contrast enh  $1  each
 Slideshow  Photos packaged plus sound  $10  DVD
 DVD pressing  DVD burn and package  $10  DVD
 Restoration  Tears, marks, creases, colour etc  $40  hour
 Adds/Subtracts  Combine photos, remove people ...  $40  hour
 Enlargement  Specialized enlargement  $40  hour

* minimum charges apply

Camera Card Recovery

 Service  Description  Price  Per
 Camera Card  Recovery of images and video from camera
 card (includes one DVD)
 $50  card
 Hard Disk  Recovery of images/video from hard disk
 (includes one DVD)
 $50  hour
 Additional DVDs  Additional DVDs  $10  each

Please note:

  1. Non-standard equipment (e.g. High Definition) may incurr additional charges
  2. All DVDs are archived providing you with long-term backup, however no guarentees are made to the length of time they may be retained
  3. Prices subject to change without notice
  4. Minimum charges apply to some services


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