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(lost your prints - we can do negatives too)


The good thing about photographs is that after a hundred years, we can still look at them.  That is, assuming they have been stored correctly and kept well away from daylight.  Even slides (or negatives) will last a long time if they are stored correctly.

Having said that, unless you have digital versions of your images then you are still at risk of losing them.  Moisture, mould and even daylight can seriously degrade them. 

Even some of the older photo albums contained acids in the plastic which could damage the very photographs they were meant to protect!  And of course, the more they are handled the more risk there is of tearing and marking.  Even the oils in the skin can eat away at your precious memories.


We can scan them and put your photographs, negatives and slides onto DVD for you.  We can even turn them into a slide-show with some gentle inspiring music to further your enjoyment.

Photographic Slides  Remember how you used to have to drag out the projector, black out the windows and then sit in the dark to look at dad's old slides?  Now you can just pop a DVD into your player and enjoy them anytime you like.  And make copies for the kids.  And the more copies you have, the less likely you ever are to lose them.

Our transfer service for photographs, negatives and slides includes the following:

  • high-quality capture
  • long-term backup storage of your images in case you ever lose your DVD copy
  • slide-show option

Two important features of our transfer are our long-term backup storage and our basic restoration.

When we create a DVD for our customers we store a copy of that DVD on our disks.  We will never wipe that (unless requested).  This means that should you ever need another copy, the chances are pretty good that we can supply it.   It's your off-site backup.

When scanning negatives or slides, a common problem is the attraction of dust, hairs and dirt.  They can also have significantly lost their colour or may be overly dark or excessively over exposed.  Our basic restoration process can often fix these so that the images you receive are just as good as you remember them.

Check out our movie showing some slide restorations... and there's also an example of a larger restoration job!


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