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It's all about protecting your memories.

The reality is that many people have treasured memories stored away on videotape or even old-fashioned movie film.  Remember the days of Super8?

But if you have such memories then you are in grave danger of losing them. Videotape degrades very quickly and suffers from oxidization, stretching, edge damage, moisture and magnetic influences.

Film is better but still degrades and can be damaged by moisture or heat. And when did you last try to get your projector fixed? When did you last get it out?

We can transfer pretty well everything:

VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC BETA Video8, Digital8, Hi8 Standard8, Super8 Photographic Slides Negatives Photographs

And you’ll not believe the memories that come flooding back when you see them. Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.....

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