Movie Film to DVD

Time to junk the projector - but not the memories.

Most of us remember Dad’s old movie films - how he used to heave out the old projector, close the blinds and everyone would sit back for a good laugh and some great reminiscences. 

Those times are well past - when did you last get the projector out? When did you last try to get it fixed?

The past that the days of cine film captured are not lost though - they are still watchable and in fact, they are much more easily viewed in the comfort of your own home - through the DVD player.

We can transfer your old movie film - whether it’s good old Standard8, Super8 or even 16mm - onto a DVD that you can just slot into your player whenever you like. You can even make copies for the grandchildren. The past has never been so accessible.

We have two options for transfers - QuickView and HiQ.

Our QuickView option is an inexpensive way to see what you actually have on the reel. It is a quick-and-dirty conversion - soundless - and cheap. Sometimes the quality is impressive - and sometimes it isn't. The conversion uses a domestic, standard-definition camera which is, of course, not very forgiving if your films are not spot on with focus.  (Be sure to check out the sample movie on our Why Us page!)

Our HiQ option is more expensive but definitely worth considering for those memories that you really don't want to lose.

First, we inspect the film for mechanical damage and broken splices.

Then the film is thoroughly cleaned to remove years of dirt and dust.

If the film is supplied on the smaller 50ft reels they will be spliced together and wound onto larger 400ft spools to allow for continuous projection.

The film is then transferred using a broadcast quality 3CCD miniDV camera that captures all of the available colour present on the original film. Projection is performed using top of the range Elmo projectors that have been specially modified for our optical transfer process.

With all of the editing completed the final raw image files are compressed ready for burning to DVD using professional authoring software. An audio track is added to further enhance your enjoyment.

You receive a professional DVD package that looks a treat and that you will treasure for years to come.



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